In this site you can find information and data recorded by  
magnetometer networks which we operated in the northern polar 

The data before 1991 are those from several limited periods  
that we had observation campaigns and also from a few sites 
where semi-routine operations were contined. The later network 
system which we named as "STEP Polar Network" started in 1991 
and was yearly enhanced during the international coordination 
program of Solar-Terrestrial Energy Program(STEP) that lasted 
untill 1997.
We continue to provide those data for public use according to an 
order of priority; (A)on types of data: (a1) Low time resolution
(1 minute) data and (a2) high time resolution(1 second) data 
obtained by fluxgate magnetometgers; (a3) Induction magnetometer 
data which is sampled by 10Hz; (P) on data periods: (p1) the STEP 
period, (p2) the post STEP period, and (p3) the pre-STEP period.
Data presently accessible in this web page are mainly for categories
of (a1)&(p1), (a1)&(p2), and (a2)&(p1) which are given in the
combination matrix below;
             (a1) (a2)  (a3)
        (p1)  Y    Y-    Y-- 
        (p2)  Y-   Y--   Y-- 
        (p3)  Y-   Y---  Y---
        Y:fully accessible, Y-:most or major part is accessible, 
        Y--:only samples, Y---:data exist but no accessible yet.               
Neccessary information, characteristics of data, policy of data
use, practical accesses to each data, and etc. can be selected from
menu buttons in the left side(*) window, such as "S&Pick/1min" 
(for searching and picking data files of 1 minute time resolution). 
  (*) This is the case if you use a window browser responsible to
      frame commands.